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Water Charges
The water supply charges for different type of connections are as under -
  ½" domestic connection - Rs. 00/- per month
  ½" commercial connection - Rs. 000/- per month
  ¾" domestic connection - Rs. 000/- per month
  ¾" commercial connection - Rs. 00/- per month

Water bills are issued at the end of every quarter starting from the month of March. First bill of the year is issued in the first week of June for the period March to May in the manner indicated below -

Sr No. Period Date of issue of bills Last date of payment of bills
1. 1st April to 31st March 30 Days after receipt of the water Bill. -

It is the responsibility of the users of the water connection to pay their water bills on or before the last date. In case of failure a late fee @ Rs. 5/- per month shall be charged. The users are further advised to collect the bills from the Cantonment Board Ahmedabad office in case these are not delivered to them after expiry of one week from the dates of issuance of bills mentioned above.

In case of any anomaly in the bill, the water clerk Shri G.C. Patel should be contacted.
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