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The Cantonment Board has to ensure apt availability of basic amenities, usher in facets of urbanization to achieve improvement in the standard of living as well as public welfare. The Cantonment Board has embarked upon a mission to establish Ahmedabad Cantonment as not only a Model cantonment but also to be of highest utility to its inhabitants. To achieve this noble goal the cantonment Board has taken up right steps to renovate its assets and basic amenities to enhance their public utility.
The Cantonment Board has embarked upon various programmes to renovate and refurbish the Cantonment General Hospital, which has been established before 1920. Besides rendering primary health services, Cantonment General Hospital shall be improved upon to have a polyclinic thereby the mission of the Cantonment Board to ensure availability of not only primary health services but also specialist medical services at reasonable amount shall be achieved. Besides the Cantonment general Hospital shall be provided with modern investigative appliances and equipments.
Children of today are future citizens and grooming them into responsible and pro-active citizens takes place in the school. Cantonment Board has taken up programmes to improve its school on the lines of model school wherein children mostly from socio-economic backward classes are imparted education. The Cantonment Board plans to introduce computer education, extra curricular and sports activities besides the educational curriculum.
Ahmedabad Cantonment has a total population of 21,000 as per census 2001 but has to cater to the needs of huge floating population as several centrals/ state govt. offices, banks, financial institutions , schools, colleges, bus terminus, police station and judicial courts are situated within the Cantonment. This definitely makes the job of maintaining adequate standard of sanitation, health and hygiene in the Cantonment an onerous task. Also due to financial constraints the manpower and machineries have not been revamped to meet the enormous increase in workload. Nevertheless the mission of the Cantonment Board is to ensure that high standards of sanitary conditions, health and hygiene are maintained in the cantonment and it has adopted innovative measures for the same. The Cantonment Board wants to keep its status as "Green Ahmedabad and clean Ahmedabad' and it definitely stands out amongst its neighbors due to green cover and emphasis of maintaining cleanliness. It is also going to undertake measures for effective implementation of preventing various types of pollution and especially the use of harmful polythene material.
Needless to say the roads and drains from a prominent part in the infrastructure of any local body and Ahmedabad being situated in a geographical zone receiving high rainfall susceptible cyclonic storm, its roads receive a constant battering Drainage network has to be maintained with utmost priority to avoid water- logging during incessant rains. The cantonment Board has geared-up itself to improve the situation and its programme for maintenance and repairs of roads, desilting of drains and renovation of drainage network are speedily being undertaken.
Ahmedabad cantonment and its neighboring environs are fast growing to be developing suburbs of Kolkata and the standard of civic amenities has to match that of the metropolis. The Cantonment Board not losing sight of these facts aims to improve standard of street lighting by providing long steel tubular poles with HPSV fixtures equipped with auto off auto on mechanism so that the commuters and the residents do not have problem in the night. High-density grade retro-reflective sign boards for indicating hazards and provide public information are need of the hour and Cantonment Board has endeavoured to provide them at appropriate places.
Drinking water is a basic commodity and the Cantonment Board has evolved a long term plan and project to make purified and filtered water available to its residents. An independent drinking water supply project to ensure the same is already in progress.
Every township needs breathing space, which should be not only be a green cover but also provide solace to tired souls. The cantonment Board has taken up various works and programmes to ensure availability of parks and public gardens, which shall serve the purpose of public recreation as well as offer relaxation. The Cantonment Board aims to achieve this mainly through the Mangal Pandey Park situated on the banks of river hooghly and the proposed environmental park shall span an area of 40 acres again on the banks of river hooghly.
The Cantonment Board besides revamping the existing infrastructures of services that are of direct utility to its residents has taken up long term protects so as to develop modern civic amenities and revenue generation. Its mission has been to modernize the existing Bus terminus, provide adequate commercial space for facilitating trade in perishable commodities and non-perishable commodities. It also has planned to establish dairy farm of modern lines and also to construct residential accommodation to its staff as a welfare measure.
Ahmedabad Cantonment has a great historical importance and heritage which needs to be projected for making not only the residents of Ahmedabad conscious of the facts but also the entire nation can take pride about the significance of the historical events that occurred in Ahmedabad and its impact in shaping the modern history of India. The Cantonment Board intends to develop a heritage galley in its proposed environmental park to achieve this goal.
Thus the mission and objective of the Cantonment Board is to develop and sustain Ahmedabad Cantonment as a clean and green Cantonment on the banks of River Hooghly besides making it a model Cantonment with emphasis on promoting public welfare and achieving vast improvements in the standard of living.
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